Run, Broken Yet Brave

“Run, Broken Yet Brave” is the story of Ashley, a sixteen-year old teenager with a chip on her shoulder. She is sent by her mom to spend a month of her summer holidays with her grandparents on the family farm. While there she develops a love-hate relationship with her grandfather Joseph, a full- blooded Cree Indian who stresses rules and respect. Slowly her grandfather introduces her to traditions he learned on the reserve as a boy. All seems well until Ashley finds a picture album from the attic and begins asking questions, questions that reveal a secret that threatens to tear the family apart. In the end the story is about redemptive love and the power of forgiveness woven into the traditions of First Nations culture.

Tom Simes

Chris Funk

Ariel Yurach as Ashley Littletent
Joseph Naytowhow as Joseph Littletent
Julie Janzen as Anna Littletent
Krystle Pederson as Jenny Littletent
Jennifer Dawn Bishop as Beverly Littletent
Jessie McLachlan as Anna

Chris Funk
Tom Simes

Jason Christoph
Dale Thomas

Xander Richards

Production Design
Tim Halstrom

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  • A Winning Tradition